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I challenge you…..

to buy at least one homemade gift this holiday season.  I love and seeing as my son hasnt really asked for anything in particular this year I vow to buy most of his gits from Etsy sellers.  We dont go over board on gifts, 3 or 4 things is about it for him and hes happy with what he gets.

Check this one out

Handmade Stuffed Dinosaur Toy Stegosaurus children's items by craftycrackpot on etsy

and this one

FARM TRUCK , or  UTILITY truck wooden, ready to Haul.

and my granddaughter will just love this one

Design Your Own Custom Monkey - FREE SHIPPING

Etsy has everything from handmade hand bags to toys to soaps and fragrances to funky and eclectic, check it out,  So I challenge you to buy at least one handmade item this holiday season, are you up for it?


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