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Great grocery deals

After some grocery shopping this morning I thought I would pass along a great tip.  First of all, I usually go prepared with at least a weeks worth of meals planned.  I check the sale flyer and see whats on sale and go from there, chicken was on sale this week and I scored a great price on boneless, skinless chicken thighs.  A much better deal than breast.  While cruising the meat isle I came across some great deals……



Ham hocks, 85% ground beef, pepper and onion sausages and lean ground chicken.  All marked down to be used in the next few days.  I will put these in my freezer till I use them but there are two ways you can approach your meal plan when you find these deals.

If you have the money to spare, get these items at a great deal and freeze them for another time. I have a small deep freeze that cost less than $200 new, if you can afford one it is a great investment in saving money.   Or if your tight on funds, like I am this week, change up your meal plan right there.  I will be making Ham and bean soup, Spaghetti with sausages, Bourbon chicken meatballs and the ground beef was already on my meal plan for Tacos.  Bonus!  

There are better times to look for these deals, especially the beginning of the week.  Stores increase stock for the weekend and have to get rid of what didn’t sell.  This is especially true  for summer holidays, you will find burgers and steaks marked down on Monday and Tuesday   So I hope you find this info helpful in planning your grocery budget.  I should mention, with all the spotlight on couponing these days, I don’t use many coupons.  I cook mostly from scratch with some convenience items so there are not many coupons for the things I need.  Of course I use them for detergents, cleaning supplies and hygiene products but 40 cents off 12 rolls of paper towels just isnt convenient for me.  Coupons for flour, sugar, frozen veggies, etc are prized but not offered often.  Still, using sales and markdowns will save you lots with a little thinking and preparation.  My next post, I will share my meal plan / grocery list sheet.  It saves me tons of time in preparation.



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