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Monthly Archives: December 2012

To decorate or not to decorate, this is the question


Do you decorate to the hilt or just barely get lights on the artificial tree?  Last year my 9 year old said that next year he wanted to put out all kinds of lights like some of the houses we saw.  Sure.  No problem, other people manage it right?  Well, not me.  Not only dont I have the time to string lights around everything attached to my yard, nail down a few things that are not attached and run 3 extension cords from the garage….. I dont have time to take them down in January, in a foot of snow.  Nor do I wish to pay the electric bill that will also come in January.  Its hard enough to put up a tree and a couple decorations inside the house (I wont mention the year I never got the tree down till April, it was only that one year right?) I wont feel guilty.  I wont regret not getting my grandmothers Christmas village out to display.  My baking skills will side track those who notice my tree isnt real.  Shhhh……


Meet Trixie…

Trixie is our new Elf.  As the story goes, she reports back to Santa every night whether the kids have been naughty or nice.  But some nights she can get into some trouble.  I guess last night was one of those nights.


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